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Life always has many things to bring you down.
But, what can really bring you down is your attitude.

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  1. Like attitude enlightenment

  2. What kind of attitude will bring you high

  3. Sushil Kumar Maratt

    Attitude makes all the difference.with the right attitude you can certainly be a winner.

  4. My attitude is my parsonaluty

  5. Proffessor Dakinjo

    We need to change our attitude

  6. Positive or negative attitude will rise u up down.. the choice is yours.

  7. That is also correct . U must pray in faith to attract Gods attention. Not just praying.. u will wait and start blaming Cod.


    Praying is the only way you can get to a positive attitude.


    I agree with you all,may God bless you all.Amen!!!!

  10. Yes its true

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