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Felimon: best friend, are you nagpatuli?
Boknoy: of course, I’m more. Why are you?
Felimon: it’s not yet. I’d like to have it.
Boknoy: why are you tagpos?
Felimon: Yes, look at it. Up and down, up and down.
Boknoy: yeah. Let’s go with you.
– home went home to get to pay.
Felimon:Tay, May I have 50 papatuli I am
Dad: so, I don’t have any change, my child. In your mother. “wait, are you?”
Felimon: Yes, dad. Look, up and down up and down.
– she went to his mother.
Felimon: Mom, may I have 50 papatuli.
Mom: is there in your sister, I don’t have money with it. Are you tagpos?
Felimon: Yes, mom. Look at this, up and down and down.
– she went to his sister bathing in the bathroom.
Felimon: sister sister can give 50 pampatuli only oh.
Sister: all right, just wait
– out of the sister
Sister: so why are you tagpos?
Felimon: Yes, sister. Look at it, up and down up and down
Sister: you are still losing me.
Felimon: why is it?
Sister: look at this. Close open close open.

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